The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

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A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic.
In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus.
What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?
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  • Phew. That might have been the fastest we ever made a video. Literally working day and night. A huge challenge in talking about Corona was that the science is ongoing. So we put in extra special care to have good sources for this video and will update them in the coming weeks and months. Check them out here: We could not have made this video without experts who took time in one of the busiest periods of their own careers. A huge thanks especially to Dr James Gurney and Dr Max Roser of Our World in Data for helping us make sure the video was as accurate as it could be in a situation that is changing daily. Also a big shoutout to - the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic. Working together with them over the years has been a delight. Ok. We are very tired and are going to take a nap now. Stay healthy!

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  • Report text: A virus is really just a hull around genetic material and few proteins, arguably not even a living thing. this corona virus can only multiply by entering living things. Corona can also stick to everyday items, but not yet known, this virus can survive until when there. its playing mode of spread is thought to be due to the liquid that spurts during coughing or flu. or when you touch someone who is sick, then you touch your face, for example your eyes and nose. the purpose of the corona virus is digestion, lymph, lung. The lungs are surrounded by billions of epithelial cells which are the outer cells of your body lining your organs. the mucosa is waiting to be infected. the corona is connected to specific receptors on the victim's membrane to inject genetic material. Corona virus attacks the body's immunity, confusing the immune system. corona makes infected cells overreact and causes immune system chaos and sends more immune cells than needed, thus wasting resources and causing damage. there are 2 types of cells that destroy, the first is called neutrophils. These cells are very good at killing pathogens, including healthy cells, once they come together and spread enzymes that destroy many friends and foes. the second cell, called killer T cells, usually orders infected cells to self-control. And patients need a ventilator to survive. The immune system's been working hard for weeks. And build a million antiviral weapons. And the thousands of bacteria that broke through quickly made the immune system overwhelmed. Bacteria invade the blood and invade the body. If this happens then death will be possible. Corona virus often compared to flu virus. But it's actually more dangerous. Certain death rates are unclear during pandemics. We believe that this is highly contagious and spreading faster than the flu. There are two estimates for a pandemic like a corona, sooner or later. We'll watch it depending on how we deal with it at the onset of aggression. A quick pandemic would be terrifying and cost many lives. Slow pandemics will not be remembered by the history books. The bad scenario for a fast pandemic starts with a fast contagion rate because it has no countermeasures to slow it down. Why is this so bad? Because in a rapid pandemic a lot of people are going to get sick at the same time. Any excess health care facilities will be overwhelmed to overcome. Resources won't be enough like a health staff or equipment like a ventilator left to help everyone. Someone will die unmanageable and as long as the medical personnel get sick. The capacity of the health system will fall even further. If this is real then bad decisions have to be made. Who are supposed to live and who isn't. The number of deaths increased. General clasification: In December 2019, the Chinese state announced that a virus had spread in their country. the following month, the virus spreads to several countries which caused more casualties every day. this virus is SAR CORV which causes Covid 19 disease, people call it Corona Virus. Description: 1.The corona's virus could only thrive by inserting living things. 2.The corona virus can either land or cling to objects and to what extent it remains unknown. 3.The corona virus can spread from a flu or cough medium, and then when you touch your face, it can spread and enter your body. 4.The corona virus invades the immune, which causes the immune system to deteriorate. 5.The corona virus is often likened to a flu virus, but the corona virus is far more dangerous. 6.There are two forecasts for the corona virus pandemic, which is sooner or later. Therefore, we must try to slow the spread of the corona virus. 7.Washing hands and keeping your distance from others is the solution to slowing the spread of this virus. NAME. : BAGUS BUDI BOWO LEKSONO CLASS. : X IPS 2 NUMBER: 05

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