Slumber Parties Are Witch Gatherings

There are just a few too many creepy, occult practices surrounding slumber parties for me to ignore. I'm pretty sure we were all raised as witches.
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  • Honestly, I think you're absolutely right. The connection between witchcraft rituals and the predominantly-female nature of slumber parties is almost certainly connected in some way, however mildly. I mean, asides from what you mentioned, gathering together as a group was often the only form of community women used to have in the old days when we were little more than property or tools to be used as men saw fit. (Western generalization of course, it's different in other cultures... but I'd be willing to bet many many cultures have their own spook-inclined sleep over traditions). The link between witches and femininity is probably (I'm no expert) tied to a combination of ancient pagan belief patterns, and the tendency of women to be perceived as something separate from "common man". We were romanticized, idealized, demonized, and vilified, all in one breath. And this linking of women with otherworldly spiritualness, and thus witchcraft, persists to this day.

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  • Iv lived in 3 houses, 1 burned very hard to sleep since under my bed there was just open space and the bed needed to be moved to get under it and it made alot of noice even without people in the room then there were the old ac from the 1958, second house mother got scrathes on her back always felt like we where bein watched or the bones in the back uard from who nows where , know my current house built in 1937 has had 13 deaths in it and currently i live and sleep in the room with 3 deaths...

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  • I got the one song about the girl murdering her mom and dad because of Simple History, how nice.

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  • Lizzy Borden is a real person who is associated with a real crime that happened long ago. We had to learn about it in school last year.

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  • let's leave a comment in spanish so no one will understand anything Quería un chocolate pero la verdad es que no tengo dinero, o sea si tengo, tengo 20 dólares, pero no quiero gastármelos porque me los estoy guardando para salir con una chica *guiño*, por cierto, veo que ustedes tienen algunos problemas para pronunciar la “ñ“ no se como explicarlo por escrito pero cuando tu idioma materno es el español es bastante ez pronunciarlo.

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  • Good spanish pronunciation, like.

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  • My best friend :say Bloody Mary 3 times Me after saying it: walks out of house and hear a very scary noise Mom:SHUT UP AND GO TO BED

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  • Then I have been to soooo many witch gathering

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  • Gravity Falls Season 3. Mabel has a sleepover where there are witches.

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  • Just wanted to say this: Your videos are so well animated and narrated and I always look forward to watching your new video whenever it comes out. I wish more people knew about your content because I can tell how much effort you put into your videos. I think your animation is stunning and I wish I had a talent like yours. (Btw sorry for wasting your time)

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  • At the start when you and the others were in a room sleeping And when I seen tabbes holding a baseball bat like normal while sleeping She was holding it upwards which I thought it would have fell on James Theres something wrong with me

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