Planting 20,000,000 Trees Will Actually Have This Impact

Go to every dollar donated plants a tree.
We are all try to plant 20 million by 2020, that means 20,000,000 trees by December 31, 2019! We have donated $1,000 and we hope that you can as well!
Be a part of the positive change and let's show ISproject has real positive influence. ISproject community can come together. With the help of MrBeast, Mark Rober and other ISproject creators, we want to do our part!
#teamtrees #donate

0:00 Trees provide food, air and environment for animals
0:26 Let's review the impact 20,000,000 trees will have
0:40 earth is rapidly losing species - middle of mass extinction
1:00 donating twenty million dollars is like building an animal city
1:25 Japanese language has a word for this - tree bathing
2:00 trees reduce air temperature through blocking sunlight
2:30 trees can also cool down building, limiting the need for air conditioning
3:00 if you can't donate, consider planting a few
3:22 trees deflect sound
4:05 a single tree can take as much as 11,000 gallons of water out of the soil
5:00 a single tree can absorb enough carbon dioxide to support two humans
5:33 The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust, pollen, smoke and smog
6:00 do everyone a favor and plant some trees
6:40 Be a part of the movement, go to and donate today!

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  • We've already donated $1,000 and hope you can make a donation toward this cause as well. Even if you can't donate, you can share the #TeamTrees videos and maybe even plant a tree yourself! Visit and make a donation today!

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    • 1000 trees? Really? And you're making way more just from this video I think that's lame. I believe a percentage of your earnings from this video should go to the cause not just 1000 trees.

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    • Best Project

    • I'm just a kid so I'm using eco Asia.

      aySuccaySucc12 dögum síðan
    • Can’t donate but I do have a plum tree in my garden

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    • Boi I'ma one up you and give 1002$$

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  • Trees are our everything

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  • yes and wait 70 years for tree to mature

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  • We have 15 mil trees not 2 mil

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  • *I`ve donated 200 trees for now but will donate 1 tree for every like this comment gets*

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  • planting them does not mean they will grow tho.....

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  • I believe 20M is easy for us, but the question is can we make it to 50M? :)

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  • Will plant 1 tree for every subscriber.

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  • i am too broke to donate soooo... im gonna use *Ecosia*

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  • Hey guys btw we would need plant almost 4billion trees to have one tree for every person

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  • We all like that

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  • 0% impact. Facts people. 20 million trees is like nothing.... i have that many within a cubic mile of my house. The people are just stealing your money

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  • take a shot every time he says "tree"

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  • You could donate $ or you could start searching with ecosia to plant trees!

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  • Trees are actually so cool. I want some now

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  • If all 8 million people that watched this video actually shared this video we would have much more backers

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  • Trees are gangsta

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  • i’m Dutch so i hope the trees help not to floot everything d:

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  • “a warm comfortable 79°C day” -The Infographics Show 2019

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  • I donated $5.

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  • Government are just bunch of fckers. Mr beast is our new president

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  • You guys do realize that forest indusrty is already planting billions of trees every single year, right?

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  • Government: does do nothing Mr beast: well I’ll do it myself

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  • in response to IVQAS top comment *government does nothing* MR BEAST* : "fine i'll do it myself"

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  • It will save the Forest and make antartica,north and south pole Grow back the Ice again

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  • Mr.Beast and Other ISprojectrs:Plant tree's People And ISprojectrs:Donate's Goverment:Does nothing Mr.beast And Other youtubers:PATHETIC😤

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  • Yes we all can do something to stop climate change so glad you made this video👌

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  • Anxiety Manxnkksolelxlskosofksks

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  • Malaysia plant more than 50 000 000

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  • We’re raising 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees by 2020 That’s 420’s

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  • 5:08 Lexus GX or Lx

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  • Take care of the planet people! We need our earth!

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  • It’s cool and all but the earth has 3trillion trees already I’m not sure that this will make a difference but definitely a step in the right direction

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  • We need you bill gates

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    • Paste This to stop meme copyers KEKW

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  • *The 8 Thousand other people wants global warming.*

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    • 2:28 90 degrees? Nobody can survive at this temperature!

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  • this is bs - sure your info might be correct but isn't applicable to teamtrees work

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  • But who will plant the trees?

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  • Mr beast

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  • I' m gonna do a presentation at my school about this, thanks

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  • I’m so happy not even the government is doing this and they have trillions I’m just asking the government to help with 100 for every person in the government, army, Navy, marines president it helps a lot

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  • Mr. beast went from a racist man into saving mother earth seriously look at his previous videos

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    • Ppl who think global warming is a Chinese hoax lol

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  • 10 likes = 1 tree Maximum spend £100 Might spend more idk

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    • OK. Let's do this!

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    • Hope we last 30-40 years for them trees to grow

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  • Ecosia is a great way to help treeplanting as well. They are a search engine that uses the money they make to plant trees. Currently, about 45 searches equal one tree planted, but the more people use it, the more trees can be planted. It is completely free and gives out transparent information on where they are currently reforesting.

    • I have donated 4 trees.. I know it ain't much but my mom don't let me donate more

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  • 2:28 90 degrees? Nobody can survive at this temperature!

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  • how about ban plastic industries permanently

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  • *Think of Happy Little Trees they say*

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  • Why couldnt just everyone who saw this video donate 1 dollar? Please donate. Its really not a hassle at all, takes 10 seconds.

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  • Can you make a vid about that?

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