I bleached my hair

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To bleach or not to bleach, that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The yellows and whites of outrageous blondness,
Or to take a comb against a head of hair
And by opposing end them. To bleach-to dye,
No more; and by a bleach to say we end
The brunette and the thousand follicles
That hair is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be styled. To dye, to bleach ;
To bleach, perchance to tone-ay, there's the rub:
For in that bleach of death what breakage may come,
When we have washed off this conditioner,
Must give us pause-there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long hair.
For who would bear the whips and burns of peroxide,
Th'hairdresser's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The burns of applied bleach, the toner's delay,
The insolence of box dye, and the spurns
That patient merit of th'blondness takes,
When he himself might his mane of hair make
With a 30 volume developer?
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  • Joanna- " It took a lot of convincing for my mom to be ok with this" Mother goose- " I am not ok"

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